How to raise three kids that love the Lord.

November 5, 2018

The entire Carignan family share some tips and insights on how they've built a Kingdom Culture in their family.


How to be happily married for 22 years

October 30, 2018

Pastor Brad gives 9 steps that have worked for him and his family on how to develop a lasting relationship. Whether you are single or married if you instill these steps into your life you can expect to see your relationship or future relationship grow in Christ!


Stop Being a Christian

October 23, 2018

What is a disciple? Are you fully committed to Christ? We can claim to be Christian's, but we should desire to be fully devoted disciples of Jesus!


Vision For Today

October 16, 2018

God has a 5 year vision for your life and Pastor Brad Carignan gives some practical steps to start walking it out today. October 14, 2018


Your Story

October 10, 2018

Pastor Josie talks about building a moment in your story. And how when we face battles, remember former victories. Let God write your story!


A Well in the Desert

October 3, 2018

God wants to lead us out to deeper waters because the enemy can't swim. It's time to STEP FURTHER!


Burning Bush

September 16, 2018

Two things happened to Moses at the Burning Bush. He experienced God's presence and the Lord cleared up Moses' identity theft. 


Testimony of a Prodigal

September 11, 2018

Special guest Luke Holter shares his testimony of redemption and how God has a plan for all of our lives, no matter who you are or where you've been.


Culture of Honor

September 6, 2018

God desires for us to be thermostats to those around us. Pastor Brad Carignan explains how to change the culture around us, by honoring everyone.



September 5, 2018

The life of david. The character and nature of God. The Kool Aid Man. All three of these things have one thing in common. Pastor Brad Carignan explains how God wants BREAKTHROUGH in your life.